Winners of the Capstone Project have completed their study trip to the Netherlands

According to M. Meyrambekova, the project leader, during the trip, KAZGUU representatives learned about the experience of developing the judicial and penitentiary system and protecting human rights

The trip included a visit to a male prison in Holland.  One of the features of this prison is that it shares facilities with a pre-trial detention centre.  Another visit was to one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands, Radboud University in Nijmegen.  The students met with international experts – prof. Van Kempen and Maria Fyodorova who supervise joint projects with Kazakhstan.

A meeting was organised with the staff of the Department of Criminal and Procedural Code of Radboud University’s Law School, where the students discussed the differences between the Dutch and Kazakhstani systems of juvenile justice.  Later, the students attended a lecture on European Law and European Human Rights Law.  They had an opportunity to share their experiences with the Dutch students and learn about the Dutch system of higher education.

KAZGUU University, in collaboration with Penal Reform International (PRI) Central Asia have been running Capstone Project since April 2016, part of which is the university students’ research on human rights.